Drop Deposits of Fat With EON Luxe

Losing weight is a challenge that most of us can relate to. And even if you put in lots of hard work, you still may struggle to see any noticeable results.

Thankfully, EON Luxe® can help you drop unwanted pockets of fat. EON Luxe is an advanced body contouring procedure that helps you cut out the fat.

“Budge that pudge for permanent results with EON Luxe at Dream Spa!”

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What EON Luxe Treats
  • Unwanted fat

  • Body contouring goals

Treatment Type:
Duration of Results:
Permanent with lifestyle support
Sessions Needed:
Depends on goals

EON Luxe Before & After

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How an EON Luxe Session Works

The EON Luxe treatment is incredibly advanced, like something out of a science fiction movie. It uses a robotic arm to measure the desired treatment area. This way, we won’t accidentally treat an undesired area of the body.

The EON Luxe laser will warm fat cells, breaking them down. By way of a natural process called apoptosis, your body will continue to break down fat over the next 12 weeks.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your EON Luxe with a combination technique!

VelaShape Body Contouring
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Look Better & Feel Better Today

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Pre- & Post-Care Instructions for EON Luxe Fat Reduction in Canton