Be Proud of Your Hair With PRP Hair Restoration in Canton

When most of us picture our ideal appearance, a full head of hair is a big part of the equation. But not everyone can have their ideal hair naturally. But that’s okay! With PRP hair restoration in Canton, you can have the hair you’ve always wanted.

Get ready to see the new you!

“Long live luscious hair with PRP Hair Restoration at Dream Spa!”

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What PRP Hair Restoration Treats
  • Male pattern hair loss

  • Female pattern hair loss

  • Hypotrichosis of eyebrows/beard

  • Alopecia Areata

  • Metabolic hair loss

  • Chemotherapy/medication-induced hair loss

Treatment Type:
Duration of Results:
1 year
Sessions Needed:

PRP Hair Restoration Before & After

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The PRP Hair Restoration Treatment Process

The first step in the PRP hair restoration process is a blood draw. We’ll then take this blood and place it in a centrifuge, extracting the PRP and the plasma from the blood. We use these to make a PRP gel.

This gel is the key to hair growth. We will inject the gel into the treatment area, which will kickstart the growth process.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your PRP Hair Restoration with a combination technique!

Under Eye Rejuvenation
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Pre- and Post-Care Instructions for PRP Hair Restoration in Canton