Reverse the Effects of Aging With a HydraFacial in Canton

In an hour or less, you can wash away years of aging effects when you have a HydraFacial at Dream Spa Medical! The special application wand combines hydradermabrasion with patented Vortex Technology to exfoliate, cleanse, extract, and hydrate all skin types.

It may feel like pampering, but the results it delivers are all beautiful business.

It only takes an hour to undo years and years of age damage on your skin.

"Brighten, plump, and hydrate with a HydraFacial at Dream Spa!"

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What a HydraFacial Treats
  • Sun damage

  • Wrinkles and lines

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Enlarged pores

  • Clogged pores

  • Oily skin

  • Blemishes

  • Hyperpigmentation

Treatment Type:
Duration of Results:
4 to 6 weeks
Sessions Needed:

How the HydraFacial Process Works

The amazing 4-in-1 Vortex Technology used for a HydraFacial delivers 4 steps of skin rejuvenation:

  • Exfoliation. Hydradermabrasion and gentle suction remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt.
  • Peel. Your skin is infused with a specific serum for a gentle but effective peel.
  • Extraction. After loosening up all the dirt and debris, the next serum provides a deeper cleanse of pores.
  • Vortex-Fusion. Your skin is infused with a hydrating antioxidant serum.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your HydraFacial treatment with a combination technique!

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Look Better & Feel Better Today

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Pre- & Post-Care Instructions for HydraFacial in Canton