Smoother Skin With VelaShape in Canton

Cellulite is an obvious, pervasive aesthetic concern. It can make even the most confident people feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their bodies. But there is a solution!

We can erase your cellulite with the help of a fantastic treatment called VelaShape®! It can completely remove your cellulite, leaving you with smooth, picture-perfect skin.

“Win the fight against cellulite with nonsurgical VelaShape at Dream Spa!”

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What VelaShape Treats
  • Appearance of cellulite

  • Body contouring goals

Treatment Type:
Duration of Results:
6 months
Sessions Needed:

VelaShape Before & After

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The Process Behind VelaShape Body Contouring

VelaShape is a legitimate, FDA-approved solution for cellulite erasure. But that’s not all VelaShape can do. It can also reduce the width of your thighs and abdominals. A member of our team will use a handheld tool that administers a combination of vacuum technology, infrared light, and radiofrequency energy to treat connective tissue, fat cells, and dermal collagen fibers.

This is the secret to the cellulite removal process.

Combine Treatments for Amazing Results

Level up your VelaShape with a combination technique!

EON Fat Reduction Treatment
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Look Better & Feel Better Today

Let our team help you on your aesthetic journey!

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Pre- and Post-Care Instructions for VelaShape in Canton